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How To Fix A Mobile Phone Software

Your Smartphone Hang, Bootloop, Hardbrick, Locked / Forgot Password, Pattern lock, ask for Gmail account, Restart, Slow & Blank, do not worry, site pass on this information to help you

How to Overcome Bootloop

This time
will deliver a simple trick to fix any mobile phone damage due to software/firmware.

Currently, almost all mobile phones, especially types of smartphones can be flashing without using a box flasher, unlike its predecessor Nokia mobile phone that requires the re-Flash using the Tool / Box flasher is quite expensive for personal use, we will explain why smartphone generation can be flash without using box flasher.

Excess Android OS:

There is a Download menu – this download menu serves as a switching mode/switch from normal to flashing mode by turning the mobile phone into download mode. Automatically the computer can detect the existence of mobile phone so that it can be done Flashing … Read More

Types Of Computer Damage, Cause And Solution -My readers this time I will review the type of damage to the computer and its causes and solutions. In today’s modern age, computers cannot be separated from the activities of the lives of almost all human beings. Computers no longer belong to expensive electronic devices that are only owned by rich people, such a computer has become a must-have tool, especially for people who are on education or who have worked in the office. In addition to working on tasks, storing and processing data, computers are often used also to play games or browsing on the internet.


Types of Computer Damage, Cause and Solution


Computers will not always be in good shape, overuse is often the main cause of damage to the computer. Here are some types of cause damage, and the solution:

type of damage to the computer


  1. The Hanging Computer

Possible Cause:

– … Read More

Super Fastest Computer in the World


Not just mainstream computer business that has a tough competition. Competition in the ranks of supercomputers is also no less fierce.

The fastest supercomputer throne in the world has just changed. Is a computer named Sequoia who just won the title from K Computer made by Fujitsu Japan?

Sequoia itself is a supercomputer designed by IBM. He is currently stationed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and used by the Department of Energy, USA.

Sequoia won the title of the fastest supercomputer after carving the speed of processing 16.32 petaflop / s. This result beats the achievement of 10.5 petaflops / s produced by K Computer.


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This result can be spelled out its own achievements for the US. Because this is the first time Uncle Sam’s country became ‘host’ super fastest supercomputer in the last three years.

Even so, the US is still … Read More