How To Fix A Mobile Phone Software

Your Smartphone Hang, Bootloop, Hardbrick, Locked / Forgot Password, Pattern lock, ask for Gmail account, Restart, Slow & Blank, do not worry, site pass on this information to help you

How to Overcome Bootloop

This time
will deliver a simple trick to fix any mobile phone damage due to software/firmware.

Currently, almost all mobile phones, especially types of smartphones can be flashing without using a box flasher, unlike its predecessor Nokia mobile phone that requires the re-Flash using the Tool / Box flasher is quite expensive for personal use, we will explain why smartphone generation can be flash without using box flasher.

Excess Android OS:

There is a Download menu – this download menu serves as a switching mode/switch from normal to flashing mode by turning the mobile phone into download mode. Automatically the computer can detect the existence of mobile phone so that it can be done Flashing even though the mobile phone dead totally.
There is Menu Recovery – In this menu mobile phone users especially android can do a factory reset that we can use to reset the OS settings in total so that the problem caused by the defect of the software can be thrown with the note we lost the data in the mobile phone.
Support Firmware Download – mobile phone era Nokia To do Flash need box flasher also Firmware very difficult to get it, It does not apply to an android mobile phone made open source / Free to be modified so to get FLasher tool and Firmware very easy. More free Custome ROM developers that we can use.

From the above points, we can conclude that to repair damage mobile phones especially android that Damaged Due Software can be repaired by consumers directly without having to be brought to the Serviceman. Here is How to fix a corrupted mobile phone due to Software.

Before doing the actions below Get to know in advance What you do so that the problem occurs, for example after you install the Bla-Bla application. So to fix it lighter you just install the previous application.

6 Ways to Fix mobile phone

Softreset – If your mobile phone damage is Hang do a soft reset on Smartphone android to do Softreset quite easy once you stay press and hold On / Off Button until mobile phone off, then do Uninstall Application or Flashing in Total.

Remove / Uninstall Applications – The more applications the more tasks and commands that must be done By CPU and RAM when the 2 Components are already overloaded the HP slower even Hang.

Unroot – This is not a strange thing for some Android users by doing rooting will be a lot of the effect that caused especially against the OS, the application can freely modify the Android system so that the OS becomes Damaged [defect] and Timbulah problems such as Hang, Bootloop, Hardbrick can even cause total death. For that please do Unroot or Flash reset your mobile phone.

Upgrade – android will always communicate with the Market app that is the Play Store and will do the Upgrade Application automatically, When new applications installed there is a possibility does not match the OS currently in use so we need to Upgrade for OS and Sync Applications in a compatible sense.

Hard reset – Returns the state of the mobile phone to a position when it’s new [on purchase] so that the firmware / OS android becomes Fresh and new to Start. after doing Hard reset all your lost data including applications and Phonebook we ever save, for that do Backup first so that your data Safe.

Flashing – This is the last way to repair software damage on a mobile phone, with us flashing mobile phone will refill the OS with Flash file that we have, Of course with this way Software becomes new and no problem.

That’s some Tips Fix mobile phone that Damaged Due Software before we take it to the repairman, hopefully by reading this article we can be smarter in handling our favorite mobile phone.

The contents of this article are not to drop the service but provide information to take advantage of the features contained in the mobile phone.