Super Fastest Computer in the World


Not just mainstream computer business that has a tough competition. Competition in the ranks of supercomputers is also no less fierce.

The fastest supercomputer throne in the world has just changed. Is a computer named Sequoia who just won the title from K Computer made by Fujitsu Japan?

Sequoia itself is a supercomputer designed by IBM. He is currently stationed at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and used by the Department of Energy, USA.

Sequoia won the title of the fastest supercomputer after carving the speed of processing 16.32 petaflop / s. This result beats the achievement of 10.5 petaflops / s produced by K Computer.


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This result can be spelled out its own achievements for the US. Because this is the first time Uncle Sam’s country became ‘host’ super fastest supercomputer in the last three years.

Even so, the US is still victorious by becoming the ‘nest’ of the majority of supercomputers in the world. According to data owned by the Top 500 and reported by Mashable, the US is occupied by 253 supercomputers.

While in Asian countries there are 121 units, and in Europe, there are 107 supercomputers that perch.

Well, from the list of Top 500, IBM processors strengthen 11.6% of them. Intel still dominates with 74.4%, while AMD in the range of 12.6%.